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How do I remove popcorn ceiling texture?

Question: I’m in the process of modernizing my house a bit and would like to know how to remove popcorn ceiling texture.  I want to get rid of the 70’s feel in the house. Answer: Removing popcorn texture is relatively strait forward and a quite simple technique.  However, it can be labor intensive so be […]

How do I remove wallpaper

Question: I am planning on painting my bathroom, however it is covered in hideous wallpaper.  What steps do I need to take in order remove it without damaging the wall behind it? Answer: This is always one of the major obstacles to interior painting contractors. And there is quite a bit to know before you […]

How do I avoid brush lines in my trim?

Question: I have a whole mess of trim to do and I am wondering what is the best way to avoid brushmarks without taking 2 years to finish. I am using an allmost white BM semi Answer: All paints have different properties when it comes to leveling. Some paints self level and leave a smooth […]

Should I paint my ceiling with Semi-gloss paint?

Question: I’m thinking about painting the ceiling drywall with white semi-gloss. Will there be any issues with it? Will it look aesthetically pleasing or tacky? If not, will satin be fine then? Answer: While there is technically nothing wrong with painting a ceiling with a semi-glass sheen, you won’t be happy with the way it looks.  Historically […]

There are fibers in my freshly painted wall

Question: I just finished painting a wall (shouldn’t have done it-it was too dark) and now I see that there are roller fibers all over the wall. How can I cover them? Will another coat do the job or do I need to do something else first? This is dark red paint and it’s been […]

Paint is Bubbling! Help

Question: I’m in the process of painting my kitchen.  I just put on the second coat and there are bubbles forming under the paint.  There are some small ones and some quite big ones.  What is causing this and what can I do to fix it? Answer: First off, let me say I’m sorry that […]

Should I spray paint the interior of my house

Question: I have been using a roller and brush for years to paint interiors. most of the time it come out good. but i see the pros spraying everything from the wall to the trim. They mask well and it comes out great. many years ago I tried spraying trim in my garage and the […]