Tulsa Colonial Exterior Paint Job with Lead Paint

Project Overview

This Colonial repaint near downtown Tulsa was a very interesting project.  It was badly peeling, had a lot of rotted soffit, and all the paint was seriously failing.  It was a big undertaking to prepare it and we had to use lead safe painting practices throughout.

It was an ugly brown color with white trim throughout.  The colors we put on were from the Sherwin Williams Heritage collection.  A nice taupe for the body and a rich yellow/tan for the trim work.  We added a bright red accent for the front door and detail accents around the soffit corbels.

It was quite an project getting all that flaking and failing paint off without getting lead dust and debri all over the place.  It is important to use lead safe work practices and EPA certified workers to do a project like this.  Luckily, Dukes Painting is fully licensed for lead based paint work.

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We started off by checking to verify that there was lead based paint throughout this house.  We tested the front and back and both sides for lead based paint.  The text came up possitive so we knew we would have to follow lead safe guidlines.

We attached 10 foot of plastic to the bottom of the house all the way around and steaked it out with wooden stakes and heavy boards and rocks.  This is to make sure that the paint scrapings and old lead encased wood wouldnt get into the dirt below.  It allows us to collect all the chips without makeing a huge mess.

After all the plastic was in place,  I removed and replaced the rotten areas of the soffit.  There were several.

Then, we hand scraped all of the peeling paint.  There was a lot of peeling paint.  It appeared as if the house had been painted within the last 10 years but it was just sprayed on without any prep work at all.  I found bugs, dirt, peeling paint, and other debri under the latest layer of paint.  Needless to say it was in bad shape.  Hand scraping this house took up most of the time on this job.

After scraping, it was time to caulk.  There was also a lot of caulk to do on this house.  I used Sherwin Williams 950A 55 year caulk on this Tulsa paint job. I went through at least 4 cases of caulk before it was all finished.  Huge gaps and holes were abundant.

Next up came the painting.  We sprayed the body color on using an airless sprayer and back brushed every square inch of it.  Back brushing is essential when it comes to a paint job like this.  It forces the paint into all the cracks, nooks, and crannies and allows for the best adhesion.  Be warry of anyone who says they can just spray the siding.  It will not last.

Then we painted two coats of paint on the trim by hand using brush and roller techniques.

The last step of the process was doing the accent color on the front door and on the corbels.  It make the house pop.  Then it was just a quick clean up because most of the mess was contained by the plastic layer on the ground.

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Neil and Tara Hall

unscrupulous painter

Top Ten signs you are dealing with an unethical Tulsa painter


This isn’t always the case, but is a good rule of thumb. If there is absolutely no sign of this painter online or there isn’t a website, this could be a sign that your painter isn’t reputable. Reputable and ethical painters spend the time and money it takes to have a good looking website to represent them.
When you go to the painters website, check to see if it is comprehensive or just a few pages thrown together quickly. You can tell how long a website has been online by checking with http://www.archive.org. You can see exactly when their website was created and how it has changed over the years. If the website is brand new then you should be careful about hiring this painter.


Magnetic signs are cheap these days. You can buy them for less than $20 online so just because the painter has a sign doesn’t mean he is reputable. The reverse is true as well. If a painter doesn’t have a sign it means that he can’t be bothered to spend the few minutes and few dollars to have one made. The painter is probably cheap (watch out for this, they may cut corners on your job to save a few bucks), or is trying to hide something.
If there is no sign or lettering, painting is probably not the full time job of the painter in question. A professional, full time, painter will take the time to get signs for their trucks.


This is a big one. Hack painters will often skimp on the insurance. If you ask a painter to provide insurance and they give you an excuse, run the other way. It is very important that painters carry liability and workers comp insurance. If the painter replies with anything other than, “I’ll send a copy of my insurance with the proposal,” or “Sure, here you go,” it is a sign that something is up.


It is an old cliche but if you get an estimate on the back of a napkin, watch out. These days it is standard procedure to either, print up the estimate in the truck, or send the estimate to your email. If the painter is writing estimates on paper you should be wary. Of course, paper estimates aren’t entirely old news. If it is professional and clearly written with a clear defined scope of work, you should be fine. Just take into account how long the painter took to write it up. A quick guess / estimate should be avoided. It may mean that the painter doesn’t know what he is doing. Tulsa Painting Estimates.


This is another huge one. Client references are really the only way you can know if the painter does a good job. A reference from a friend is even better, but if you hire someone you don’t know, check out their references. A painter that does a great job for their clients will have a list of reference that you can call or even drive by to see their work. If the painter can’t or won’t provide this list, beware. Tulsa Painting Testimonials


This is simply unprofessional. It is a sign that the painter doesn’t take the trade seriously. If the painter is unprofessional when it comes to this, they may be unprofessional when it comes to painting your house.


This is really a question of how much you trust the painter. Of course there are no hard and fast rules about how much of a deposit is required. It is standard to ask for enough to cover materials at the beginning of the job, say 20% or so. But don’t pay a huge up front deposit. It is also fairly standard on large jobs to require progress payments. If the painter will be on your job for more than it a week they may ask for a partial payment each week or at certain progress points. This is normal, just be wary if the painter want 50% or more up front. They may walk away leaving you holding the bill.


Painters and contractors will do this because they are trying to cheat the system. If you pay in cash, the contractor doesn’t have to pay taxes on that money (and they don’t pay insurance fees or workers comp on the labor for that job). If you pay in cash and there is an accident, your property may not be covered. A painter that does this is definitely unethical.


Painting takes a lot of time and the materials can cost real money. If a painter gives you a very low quote compared to other painters, it may be sign that they (1) either don’t know what they are doing, or (2) are planning on giving you subpar workmanship. It may even be a sign that they are trying to rip you off. If you get a very low price, along with other signs such as no insurance or website, be extra careful. It may be sign that you are being scammed. Its rare but does happen sometimes.
It takes a lot of energy and expense to do a great paint job. If it seems to good to be true, it most likely is.


If, after you receive the bid, you mention that the price is too high, a professional and respectable painter will try to work with you to get the price into your budget. Of course this means changing the scope of work to reduce the material costs or the labor costs. If a painter lowers his price without adjusting the scope of work, he is probably unethical. It means that the price was artificially high, or that the painter doesn’t know how to bid and is just guessing. Either way it means bad news for you.

unscrupulous painter

Owasso Cabinet Paint

Project Overview

This interior paint project was located in Owasso OK.  We were asked to prepare and repaint the kitchen cabinets, along with the vanities and cabinets in two bathrooms.

We also painted the trim and doors in the kitchen to match.  The cabinets were clear coated oak before we began.  We used Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Oil on this owasso painter project.

Cabinet Painting can be an expensive and time consuming process as there is a lot of prep and skill involved in painting them.  Dukes Painting has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to cabinet finishes and interior painting.

More Info

Since the kitchen cabinets were stain grade to begin with, there was a lot of prep work in this paint project.  We began by removing all of the doors and transporting them back to our shop for preparation and paint.  We prep this type of cabinet by sanding everything we are going to paint with 150 grit and then 220 grit sand paper.  Then we remove all the dust with tack cloths and vacuum cleaners.

Next we prime all of the wooden cabinets with a high quality oil based primer.  Since these were oak cabinets, the grain of the oak posed a small problem.  Primer must be worked into all of the little groves created by the oak grain.  Next we caulked all of the cracks and filled any nicks with wood filler.  After a final sanding with 220 grit sandpaper the cabinets are ready to paint.  On the doors we applied 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Oil based paint.  We choose this paint for ist wonderful self leveling properties.  This paint can be brushed on and the brush lines will dissapear before the paint dries creating a sprayed on finish.

The doors were sprayed two coats and the cabinet boxes were brushed and rolled three coats using an oil based brush and foam rollers.  After finishing all the paint work we returned the cabinets to the property for re-installation.  In this particular paint project, we replaced the old hinges with new modern hinges.  We also drilled holes to install drawer and door pulls where there weren’t any to begin with.

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Tulsa Lead Based Paint Renovator

Tulsa Lead Based Paint Renovator Dukes PaintingWhats the deal with lead based paint?

Until 1978 much of the household paint used in Tulsa and throughout the country was lead based.  Lead was put in the paint because it gave the paint superior durability.  It made the paint more weather resistant. It helped the paint resist the growth of mold and mildew, and helped prevent the corrosion of metal substrates.  Lead was also added to help paint dry faster.  In addition to that, lead was used as a pigment, as it made colors more vibrant.

After realizing that the lead in paint was causing harm to children and adults, lead based paint was banned in the United States in 1978 for residential properties.

Common painting and renovation actives such as scraping, sanding, cutting, nailing, and demolition can cause this lead based paint become dust and chips.  This friable debris can pose a threat to people living in and working in the property.

To avoid this problem, on April 22, 2008, the EPA issued the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule.  This rule states that all contractors doing work on houses built be

fore 1978 must be EPA Certified.  Not only must the contractor be a certified firm, the employees in charge of carrying out the work must be certified workers.  There are strict rules surrounding the disruption of lead based paint.

Why do I need to worry about lead based paint? Why can’t I just hire a non certified company to do the work cheaper?

Lead paint is dangerous to children and adults alike.  If you don’t take the correct steps and hire a certified lead based paint contractor as your tulsa painter, you will be putting yourself, your children, and anyone else who comes to your home at risk.  How would harming a child rest on your conscience?

Some of the associated health affects include:

Dukes Painting lead Based paint Tulsa Suit

  • Damage to the brain and nervous system
  • Behavior and learning problems
  • Slowed growth
  • Hearing problems
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation
  • Anemia
  • Kidney failure
  • Irritability
  • Lethargy
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Slow development of normal childhood behaviors, such as talking and use of words, and permanent mental retardation are both commonly seen.

What does it mean to hire a certified lead based paint renovator?

If you live in a house built before 1978, hiring a certified renovator for your Tulsa paint project is important.  If you hire a non certified painter, you are taking risks with the health of your self and your family.  You are also risking environmental contamination.

There are paint contractors out there who will do the work without being certified. They do this to save a little money, but they put you, your family and themselves in risk.  Is it really worth it to save a little money?  In the long run (or even the short run) these painters will be out of business.  There are steep fines associated with working without a certification.  Most of the time these tulsa painters will be out of business in a year or less and you will never hear from them again.  Don’t expect any warranty from a non certified painter to be worth anything.

A certified lead based Tulsa Painter will make sure all the rules are followed and that your property and family are safe from lead based paint debri.   A certified Tulsa Painter will use lead safe work practices to make sure dust and debris from your paint job are collected and disposed of in a safe manner compliant with EPA Regulations.

Is Dukes Painting a Certified Lead based Paint Renovator?

Yes, Dukes Painting is one of the few certified paint companies in Tulsa Oklahoma.   Our license number is NAT-121768-1.  You can verify our current standing, or find out if any painter is certified by visiting the EPA’s online listing of certified renovators. http://cfpub.epa.gov/flpp/searchrrp_firm.htm

Dukes Painting is committed to bringing great service and painting to Tulsa Oklahoma and we strive to be the best paint contractor around.  Please take a look at our Tulsa Painter Reviews.

Additional Lead Paint Resources.

EPA online listing of certified painters http://cfpub.epa.gov/flpp/searchrrp_firm.htm

Wikipedia entry on Lead Based Paint http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_poisoning

EPAs website with everything you need to know about lead based paint http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm

City of Tulsa Oklahoma FAQ regarding lead based paint http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm

South Tulsa Exterior Painter

Project Overview

This South Tulsa house was in pretty bad shape before we got our hands on it.  The paint was peeling badly,  large cracks throughout the caulk, and several areas of severe rot.  We replaced 1 full sheet of t1-11 siding which was very badly deteriorated.  We replaced several sections of brick molding around windows, and we replaced a significant amount of fascia board running along the roof.

More Info

After replacing all of the rotted areas on the house, we followed our standard procedure for exterior paint work.  We power washed the exterior to remove built up dirt and grime.  We then scraped all the peeling paint away with hand scrapers.  Priming comes next.  We use a high grade exterior wood primer on all bare spots.  Next we caulk.  This house had a significant amount of caulk damage.  A lot of it was cracked.  A lot of the caulk was simply missing.  And a lot of the caulk was never done in the first place.   After removing as much failed caulk as possible we re-caulked the house with Sherwin williams 950A Caulk.  It is a siliconized latex caulk that is rated for 35 years.   It goes on smooth and lasts a long time.  We used over 2 cases of caulk on this one house.

After all the prep was finished we used Sherwin Williams Super Paint (25 year warranty) to paint the body of the house.  We used our Spray – Brush – Spray method throughout.  The trim was all hand painted using the same product.

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Kathleen Briggs Testimonial

Dukes Painting Broken Arrow Painters

Broken Arrow, OKlahoma Painters

Dukes Painting Broken Arrow PaintersA significant amount of our painting business happens in Broken Arrow, Ok.  Dukes Painting is proud to service Broken arrow painting clients and would love the opportunity to bid your next project.  We have painted numerous interior and exterior projects in Broken Arrow.  As a result, we have built lasting relationships with our Broken Arrow painting clients.  We have several recurring clients that we server from one year to the next.  



Dukes Painting Broken Arrow PaintersDo you have a house in Broken Arrow that needs to be painted or refreshed? How about deck that needs to be stained, pressure washed, cleaned or restrained.  Interior Painting Project?  How about an exterior painting project?  Wallpaper removal? Bathroom Repaint?  Whatever kind of painting project you need in Broken Arrow, give Dukes Painting a chance to service your project. 

One of our regular Broken Arrow, Oklahoma clients had this to say:

Mr. Dukes knew exactly what needed to be done. He started when he said he would and did a thorough job in a timely manner. He finished on time. His work was well done and he was always friendly, professional and polite. We were very satisfied.

Fred and Theresa Klein

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you charge for paint estimates in Broken Arrow?

No, we never charge for estimates.  Give us a call today and let us give you a painting proposal

What kind of work do you normal do in Broken Arrow?

We do all kinds of paint work.  Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Residential Painting, and Commercial Painting.  We can paint doors, windows, siding, metal roofs, and any other substrate you can think of.  We can also pressure wash your deck, stain your deck, clean your deck and refinish your deck.  

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry at least $1 Million coverage for any painting work you have in Broken Arrow,  and any other Tulsa Suburb.  

Do you work in any other places besides Broken Arrow?

Of course.  We are a full service paint company that works in all of Tulsa and the metro area.  

Call us today for your free consultation and paint proposal.  918-361-1506

Dukes Painting Restaurant and commercial painters

Tulsa office and retail space painters

Dukes Painting Restaurant and commercial painters

Restaurants, offices, retail spaces, lobbies, corporate spaces, store fronts all need to be painted and Dukes Painting is Tulsa retail space painter.  Next time you need to freshen up your space let us give you a bid.  Dukes Painting is insured for commercial and retail work.  You don’t need to worry when you hire us to paint your office or retail space.  

No Disruption paint work.  We know that you need to keep working while your office is being renovated.  We will do everything within our power to make that happen.  Do you need us to work at night when the office is closed?  Good, we will do it.  Do you need us to work on the weekends? Good, we will do it.  Dukes painting has the retail and office painting experience to make sure that your next project goes smoothly and quickly.   


Dukes Painting Tulsa retail painters exterior interiorWe will develop a detailed scope of work for every painting project we bid.  There will be no surprises when you hire Dukes Painting to paint your office or store front.  Our painters are trained in all the safety procedures they will need to keep your clients and staff out of harms way.  We will erect the appropriate barriers and signage to make sure your retail clients are safe and protected.  We will work with your office team so there is very little impact to your work day.  Let us paint your next office and store front project. 


What you should expect when you hire Dukes Painting for your office and retail painting 


Dukes Painting Tulsa Oklahoma office painters

  • A professional paint estimator will show up on time and walk you through our process
  • No high pressure sales when you call us.  We will submit the bid via email and let you decide
  • A fully detailed professional proposal with a detailed scope of work
  • A fully trained painting crew ready to finish your paint project on time and up to a very high standard
  • Full liability and workers comp insurance coverage 
  • We will work with your business to minimize the impact our paint work has on your employees and clients
  • Quite simply, a great painting experience

Call 918-361-1506 now to paint your office or store front. 


Dukes Painting New Construction Subcontractor interior scene

New Construction and Subcontractor Painting Services

Dukes Painting New Construction Subcontractor interior sceneDukes Painting Tulsa’s new construction and subcontracting division is available for your new home project, new commercial project, remodel paint project, and any subcontracting paint project that you may have.  We work with contractors and builders to get your project finished quickly and to the highest possible quality.  

We can paint your new house, addition, remodel, both residential and commercial.  Let us put our experience and expertise to work on your next painting project.  We work on both interior and exterior painting projects.



Dukes Painting New construction and subcontracting paint company exterior sceneWe know that we are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to your new construction project.  We work hand in hand with the other trades so the project moves smoothly.  We are fully insured for new construction and commercial painting. When you hire us to finish your project, you will have peace of mind.  We will show up when we need to and finish the job quickly and in a professional manner.  




“I found Marty’s contact information on Craigslist. The painters I normally use were already scheduled for several months on other jobs, so I had Marty come out and give me an estimate on the total exterior of my house. He had a two week window in his summer schedule, so we agreed for him to start a couple of weeks later. He did a great job, was neat and clean, and kept me updated on what he was doing each day. I’ve built new homes since 1977, and Marty is as good as anyone I have used in all that time. I’d recommend his services, and you can depend on what he tells you.”

Jack Lierly

Dukes Painting works in the following new construction and subcontracting areas

  • New Residential Painting
  • New Commercial Painting
  • Remodel Painting
  • Addition Painting
  • Interior Subcontracting painting
  • Exterior Subcontracting Painting

We would love the opportunity to bid your next painting project.  Please call 918-361-1506 or submit your bid requests to info@tulsapaintcontractor.com