Tulsa Midtown Bungalow Garage Door Paint

Midtown Bungalow Interior and Exterior

Project Overview

This painting project included a lot of different smaller paint jobs.  The bigest portion of the work was painting the trim and walls in the office.  The office was previously painted with a faux finish and it took several coats to cover properly.  This job also included repairing water damage in the dining room (the window had leaked and the paint was pealing off the trim and wall), staining and clear coating an interior door, painting 3 exterior doors, repaint the entire exterior of the garage including a new man door and garage door. I also touched up and repainted various imperfections throughout the house including chips and marks and water damage.

More Info

This painting project called for nearly 8 different colors and as many products.  Sherwin Williams products were used throughout.  Superpaint Satin for the exterior doors and garage. Promar 200 for the walls, trim, and ,ceilings.

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Farm house exterior in Sperry


This project was a mixture of a standard exterior repaint of the house, and a special application to the outbuilding.  The body house was painted with Sherwin Williams Super Paint and the trim and shutters were painted with Duration.

The outbuilding/garage is the part of this paint project that was a bit out of the ordinary.  Because it was smooth metal it was best that it was sprayed without brushing or rolling.  And because I was to paint the roof as well we chose to use Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel Oil.  This stuff is extremely durable and long lasting.

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Exterior Painting

Dukes Painting and Repair has extensive experience with all types of exterior surfaces. You can rest assured that we have the knowledge to get the job done effectively.

Unless otherwise specified, all complete exterior paint jobs will include:


  • Pressure Cleaning – It is imperative to make sure the surface is clean and sound before starting to paint. This will ensure your job will last longer and look better
  • Scraping/Sanding/Surface Abrassion- Removing all loose paint down to a solid surface will guarantee that the paint will adhere properly.
  • Priming – All bare surfaces will be primed with an appropriate primer.
  • Caulking – All cracks and gaps will be filled, making sure that your house is water tight and attractive.  This extra step has an added benefit of improving the efficiency of your house and reducing your heating and cooling bills.
  • Painting – We use a 3 step process when we apply the paint to your house.  We don’t paint one coat.  We don’t paint two coats. We don’t stop until it is completely covered.


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Who are these Tulsa painters?

Tulsa Painters - Dukes Painting

Dukes Painting has been serving the Tulsa metro area since 2007.  We are Tulsa’s go-to company for interior, exterior, residential, and commercial painting.  Our painters are some of the most experienced in the area.  We have literally painted all around the world on some of the toughest projects there are.  If you want a quality job at great price call us today.  We warranty all of our work for 2 or 5 years so you can rest easy knowing that your property is protected.  

We will show up on time and complete your job in a professional manner.  We will leave your property like we found it.  Your plants, bushes, carpet, and floors will be protected at all time.  We are carry $1 million liability insurance and all of our workers are covered by workman’s compensation insurance.  You are protected.  Call us today to schedule your free estimate. 


“I found Marty’s contact information on Craigslist. The painters I normally use were already scheduled for several months on other jobs, so I had Marty come out and give me an estimate on the total exterior of my house. He had a two week window in his summer schedule, so we agreed for him to start a couple of weeks later. He did a great job, was neat and clean, and kept me updated on what he was doing each day. I’ve built new homes since 1977, and Marty is as good as anyone I have used in all that time. I’d recommend his services, and you can depend on what he tells you.”

Jack Lierly

Why Choose Dukes Painting?

Dukes Painting - Why you should Hire us– $1 Million Dollar Liability policy on each project
– Fully Qualified Painters – Experienced enough to complete your job right
– Worry Free Policy
– Written 2 or 5 year warranty on every job 
– Lot of happy client reference and testimonials
– Professional digital proposals
– Helpful and Courteous Workers
– We accept all major Credit Cards 

Dukes Painting Now Hiring


Dukes Painting is always on the lookout for potential superstar painters. We aspire to hire the best people that we can for our company. Sometime this means hiring experience painters, sometimes this means hiring people with no experience at all.

We strive to be a great company to work for. We are a high end paint company that services high end clients. That means we want to hire high end people for our crews.

Dukes painting is currently looking for Painters, Painter Foremen and Painters Helpers.

  • We are an equal opportunity employer. We hire based on qualification and good culture fit, not on your race, creed, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, medical conditions, pregnancy, marital status, sex, or age. Everyone who is qualified for one of our jobs is equally considered.
  • We offer great Advancement Opportunities. Our company is a growing and expanding. We will need competent people to move their way up through the ranks. Do you want to be lead painter? Foreman? estimator? manager? You will get the opportunity to grow into those positions.
  • We offer ongoing formal and on the job training. Along with the experience you will receive working along side other painters, you will also get classroom, online, and formal training. We want our painters to be the best in the industry and we are willing to help you learn and grow along with us. Other paint companies can’t say that.
  • Dukes Painting isn’t your run of the mill paint contractor. We believe in standing out amongst the crowd. We believe in offering the best service possible and we need the best people possible.

Join us today by filling out an employment application.

Currently available Jobs:

Painters Apprentice (Entry Level) – Click button to see description and apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Charge For Estimates?

We never charge for estimates.  We are more than happy to meet and consult with you about your project for free.  Even if you choose not to hire us you will definitely come away with a better understanding of how the work should be completed and the extent of damage if there is any.

How Much Do You Charge

Our rates are based on the starting surface conditions, the desired outcome quality, and the size of the project.  It’s difficult to pin down an exact price, but we’ve put together a pricing sheet that will give you an good idea of what things cost.

Click here to download our Pricing Sheet. 

How do you schedule work?

Its important to us that we keep you informed of all aspects of your job. We will give you a timeline and follow it. We will show up when we say we will and will complete your work in a timely fashion. We are fully aware of the horror stories of contractors who begin work and never finish. Once we start your job we will continue it until we are finished.

Who buys the materials?

We find it works the best if we buy the materials for your job. Because we buy so much materials throughout the year we can normally get it cheaper than the end consumer. This allows us to pass on the savings to you.  Also, because we are a quality company that does only the best quality work, we like to use the best materials. Because of our experience we can select the best product for your job specific job and and needs. It also frees your time to do other things, after all you are paying us to do the work, why would you want to run around to various stores trying to locate hard to find materials when we know exactly where to get them. However, we are flexible and are willing to work with you if you truly wish to buy the materials.

Do I need to be home when the work is being done?

Nope.  Most of our customers aren’t at home when the work is being completed. We will stay in contact with you via telephone if necessary. Our experience allows us to ask pertinent questions when you are available so you don’t have to be there all the time. If we need access to the inside of your house we can make arrangements to meet you before you leave for work or you can leave a key so we can lock up.

Is there a job that you will not take on?

We are painters by trade. It would not be in our best interest or your best interest if we took on all types of work.  We like to focus on what we do best so you can get the best quality possible.

Do you require a deposit?

The short answer..  Not usually.  On particularly large jobs that will span several weeks or months, we will require a deposit and progress payments.  However, most of the time we don’t require any payments until we are finished and you are completely happy.

Will you help me chose colors?

Of course.  While we are not design experts, we have seen thousands and thousands of houses.  Our employees are experienced and are happy to help you with any questions you have.  We can make suggestions about color and help you pick one, but in the end, the final decision will be up to you.

Do you spray or brush?

That depends on the needs of the project. Spray painting has gotten a bad wrap because of a few bad apples. It is true that a spray painted application isn’t as good as a hand brushed application if it isn’t applied correctly. If the project calls for spraying we use a special three step process that gives the longest lasting coating. After spraying, we had brush or roll all surfaces to make sure the paint fills all the nooks and crannies.  Afterwards we follow up with another sprayed coat to smooth out the lines made from the brush and give the paint a smooth finish. This process guarantees the best coverage and gives a thick coat of paint that is simply unattainable with simply brushing. Of course every project is different and our expertise will allow us to make changes as needed.

How many coats do you put on?

As many as we need. Professionals don’t talk in terms of “number of coats.”  We talk in terms of coverage. We apply as many coats as it takes to properly cover the surface being painted.  Use of proper paint and application techniques allow professional painters to apply a thicker coat in fewer applications while a homeowner application could take many more coats.

Why wouldn’t I just paint it myself?

There are certain times when you can easily paint a room or even a house on your own. However, our experience will allow us to do it much more quickly and with greater precision. An adventurous homeowner could learn how to properly paint a house but it is a steep learning curve. As always you have to take into account your time. You might save a few bucks but at the cost of speed and the experience to troubleshoot any problems that may occur quickly and effectively.

What kind of paint do you use?

We are dedicated to Sherwin Williams brand paint. We have found that it provides the best coverage and longest lasting surface. We have done our research and experience tells us that Sherwin Williams provides the best paint for most applications.  For certain applications we use other products that we have found to work better in certain situations.

Can You Guarantee a Specific Start Day?

For the most part, we are very accurate with our schedule.  However, painting and project time depends very heavily on outside factors including the weather, change orders, and client preference.  We do our best to schedule your start and finish date in advance, but from time to time we will need to adjust it.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience allows us to make your life easy. It’s very simple. You won’t have to worry when you hire us.

 You won’t have to worry about taking off work and rearranging your schedule to accommodate us. We will show up when we say we will to make your life as easy as possible. No rescheduling. No missed meetings. Pure and simple reliability.

They started work when it was scheduled and completed with in the time frame they said it would take. They did the work as agreed to. I am satisfied with the result.

-Gerald R. Stonger

You won’t have to worry about the way your work will turn out. Our company has been in business for nearly 15 years and our employees are some of the most experienced in town. We know how to do any project you can throw at us because we’ve done it before. We are no fly by night operators and we will be around to ensure that any work we do stands the test of time.

 I also like their creativity. Marty worked with me to design a treehouse deck by my above ground pool. I love it – my family, friends, and neighbors love it.

-Eilleen McKelvey

 The answer is pure and simple. You should choose us because we make your life easier. Let us take care of the details so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our creativity and talent and history allow you the ease that you deserve. 


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