36th and Harvard – Tulsa house exterior paint


This house was in quite bad shape.  Huge sections of old paint were peeling off in big flakes.  It was clearly poorly done the last time it was painted.  Most of my time was spent preping this house to accept the paint.

It was horrible dirty so pressure washing and a bit of scrubbing were in order.  Then came more than a full day of scraping, and almost 2 days of priming and caulking.

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Tulsa Midtown Bungalow Garage Door Paint

Midtown Bungalow Interior and Exterior

Project Overview

This painting project included a lot of different smaller paint jobs.  The bigest portion of the work was painting the trim and walls in the office.  The office was previously painted with a faux finish and it took several coats to cover properly.  This job also included repairing water damage in the dining room (the window had leaked and the paint was pealing off the trim and wall), staining and clear coating an interior door, painting 3 exterior doors, repaint the entire exterior of the garage including a new man door and garage door. I also touched up and repainted various imperfections throughout the house including chips and marks and water damage.

More Info

This painting project called for nearly 8 different colors and as many products.  Sherwin Williams products were used throughout.  Superpaint Satin for the exterior doors and garage. Promar 200 for the walls, trim, and ,ceilings.

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Farm house exterior in Sperry


This project was a mixture of a standard exterior repaint of the house, and a special application to the outbuilding.  The body house was painted with Sherwin Williams Super Paint and the trim and shutters were painted with Duration.

The outbuilding/garage is the part of this paint project that was a bit out of the ordinary.  Because it was smooth metal it was best that it was sprayed without brushing or rolling.  And because I was to paint the roof as well we chose to use Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel Oil.  This stuff is extremely durable and long lasting.

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